2017 Smartphones Honest Reviews

Smartphone manufacturers are in a very high competition as the technology is developing day by day and it increases the use of smartphones. It’s been a very difficult job to compare and select the 2017 smartphones and offer the best review after their comparison. Therefore, we have done it for you. Here we have best 2017 smartphones reviews and Also checkout our Video Game Reviews.

Moreover, along with the smartphone reviews, we will specially focus down to the processor and graphics qualities in order to predict up to what level the particular smartphone can help you to play the high graphics games. So, get ready for the games news too.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

It’s been a few days after the launch Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and in a very short time, this premium cell phone ranks itself in the competition. We are not much concerned about the other features however, we have analyzed Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus for the gaming support and the result are just classic. Its Exynos 8895 CPU offers a super-fast speed with High resolution of its screen just added the new twist to the games.

Its battery timing is nice as it offers the 3500mAh lithium ion battery which is so strong to hold the power for a longer period of time which is another plus point of S8 Plus. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is currently on the top of the list of gaming news and supporting smartphones.

IPhone 8


Apple can never be set behind in the smartphone industry. Apple products just amaze the users with ultimate experience. In the smartphone reviews, iPhone 8 is another best smartphone that supports most of the games and being loved by the number of gamers over the world. With every Tech News Today most of the times the iPhone 8 is mentioned as the best supporting smartphone for the particular games. Just a little bit issue that we have analyzed by comparing it with other smartphones is the size of the product. Sometimes the users are needing bigger screens to play better games.

Motorola Moto Z

Motorola Moto Z is on the list of our smartphone reviews because of its amazing speed and graphics support. Moto Z is equipped with 4GB of RAM which offers a smooth experience to the gamers. There is one a little issues which placed it on the number fifth and that is the battery timing. As far as the gaming is concerned battery should be strong enough in order to avoid over heating of the cell. Motorola Moto Z has snapdragon 820 which is a quite nice choice by the Motorola Company and that is why Moto Z is supporting a very high graphics games too. In the games news Motorola Moto Z is always on the list of supporting smartphones.


Please let us know what you think about our review and Which is the more powerful device? Please comment below.



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