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Mobile Gaming to PC Gaming

Mobile gaming is getting popularity from last few years as the big gaming production companies and individual developers focus more attention and keep an eye over producing the smartphone games &  Honest Video Game Reviews are coming up great for latest games that is why many individual developers are getting attention.

The fact is, not everyone hold the big gaming PC however we have observed almost everyone walking around a street has a smartphone. However, still the gaming experience that PC games are offering can never be done by the smartphones.

First it was just like a gaming but now it’s up to next level because of the enhancement in the hardware of the smartphones and PC used for gaming.
Over a past year or a two, the numerous hit PC games were introduced and games news mention that rumors of upcoming new version of those games are still there.

As the time passes, the game developers are developing the more reality in their games because of which gamers are addicted to such games.


This happens in both smartphone and PC games. 3D games enhances the user experience and considered as the gaming changing way for PC and smartphones.
There are a lot of games that comes in variant versions for PC as well as for the smartphones.

This is somehow the compulsory thing to maintain for the game companies as for those who don’t own the PC can never get an experience of such game which is not available for smartphones.

Therefore, game companies and developers are now keeping an eye to develop the games for every platform so that more and more users can enjoy the real time playing and can get hit on the games news.
In the year 2017-18 there are a lot of rumors for the new version of the games for which all the gamers are looking ahead.

There were most successful games introduced in the last 2 years that includes in the games news like Overwatch, XCOM 2, DOOM, Dark Soul III, Battlefield 1, Forza Horizon 3, Hitman, Total War: Warhammer, Dishonored 2  and there are a lot more on the list.

Several games which on the top games news now a days are Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us 2, bloodstained: Ritual of the night (2018), Pillars of Eternity II: Dead Fire (2018), Project Phoenix (2018) etc.
To keep updated yourself with the games news and get the most advanced version of the games keep an eye on the top blogs and news websites which are offering the Tech News Today to the gamers.



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